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作者:英语组长徐爱华 来源:未知点击数: 发布时间:2014-02-26
1) —Is this course rather difficult?
—Yes. That’s why I ____ it.
A.left       B. missed      C. abandoned      D. abolish
2) The apartment caught fire last night. Fortunately, most of the people there _______ escape.
  A. could   B. tried to   C. had meant to      D. were able to
3) Slavery was _________ in the U.S. in the 19th century, and slaves were given equal rights.
  A. absorbed    B. abused     C. abolished     D. adopted
4) I’d like to buy a house---- modern, comfortable, and ______ in a quiet neighborhood. (05年福建)
   A. in a11    B. above all      C. after all     D. at all
5) It has been revealed that some government leaders ____ their authority and position to get illegal profits for themselves.
A.employ        B.absorb        C.abuse          D.overlook
6) The leader is losing ground as the rest of the runners __________.    
A. accelerate         B. promote             C. help      D. advance  
7) It is said that in Africa over a third of the population were believed to have no ______ to the health care and advanced education.
A. control     B. access        C. opportunity        D. accent
8) Because of the snow, many parts of the countryside are only ______ by helicopter.
A. available      B. appropriate     C. accessible     D. achievable
9) The best method to _____ this goal is to unite as many people as possible.
       A.undertake         B.accompany      C. perform          D. accomplish
10) They ________ a certain amount of working experience through volunteer work.
 A. attempted    B. accumulated   C. abandoned  D. accomplished
11) It is through learning that the individual _____ many habitual ways of reacting to situations.
A. instructs      B. accumulates     C. achieves        D. acquires
12) Simon calculates as quickly as Debbie, but not as ________ .
  A. accurately       B. abruptly      C. properly     D. clearly
13)The man who was _______stealing the car said that he was innocent.
A. charged of    B. charged for    C. accused of      D. accused with
14) The best way to ______ this goal is to introduce new advanced technology.
   A. access       B. perform      C. achieve       D. complete
15) We went to Canada to travel and my cousin ______ as our guide. (06湖南)
A. acted        B. showed     C. played             D. adopt
16) We all know that _______ speak louder than words.
   A. movements    B. performances   C. affection     D. actions
17) ---Miss Wendy is good at a lot of things ______ you can't say she is perfect.
  ---I agree with you. _____ no one is.
  A. or; Simply  B. and; Only   C. but; Actually   D. so; Otherwise
18) Students nowadays should make full use of their time to equip themselves with knowledge so that they can easily ______ the competitive society in the future.
A. suit to      B. keep to        C. adopt to     D. adapt to
19) The guests, present at the party, each wore a flower, which_______ their beauty.
A. added to   B. added up    C. added up to       D. added on
20) What makes us worried is that the number of the people _________ drugs is increasing.
A. addicted to       B. addicted for       C. addicted at      D. addicted on
21) I hope I will not be called on in class as I’m not yet ______ prepared. (07上海)
A. attentively            B. adequately      C. actively            D. readily
22) Children under six are not ________ to school except those of extraordinary intelligence.
A. permitted       B. accepted      C. admitted        D. received
23) John is the only one of the students in the class that never______ a mistake even when it is pointed to him.
A. admit making B. admits making C. admit to make     D. admits to make
24) Can a school _________ a policy prohibiting the use of mobile phones on campus?
  A. make             B. pass                  C. adapt                D. adopt
25) If you are to treat your friends to dinner in a good restaurant at the weekend, you’d better book a table ___________.
  A. ahead            B. before        C. ahead of            D. in advance
26) Being able to speak another language fluently is a great ____ when you are looking for a job.
   A. assistance      B. chance     C. advantage    D. importance
27) The use of water is becoming tense in north China and the government _____ that we should save water in our daily life.
A.advocates     B.distributes   C.adores        D.declines
28) In doing the work, we can’t _______ the waste of a single minute.
A. afford        B. affect        C. manage           D. take
29) People may have different opinions about Karen, but I admire her, ______, she is a great musician. (05年全国卷Ⅳ)
   A. As a result      B. After all    C. In other words     D. As usual
30)--- Little Smith doesn't _______ his age.  ---Exactly. He looks tall _______ his age.
A. seem; in       B. look; for      C. appear; in         D. like; at
31) The discussion came _______ when an interesting topic was brought in.
   A. alike      B. live      C. active      D. alive
32)The school authority has taken _______ measures to prevent students from cheating.
   A. lot of     B. much       C. ample       D. a lot
33) With the opening of China, more and more English programs are broadcast ______.
A. in the air        B. by air              C. in the open air              D. on the air
34) The fire alarm last night alarmed the inhabitants with a (n) ______ sound.
A. alarming        B. frightened      C. afraid       D. alarmed
35) Mary wanted to travel around the world all by herself, but her parents did not _______ her to do so. (07全国卷III)     
A. forbid       B. allow       C. follow              D. ask
36) It will take you half an hour to get to the station, _____ traffic delays.
A. including         B. allowing for     C. allowing             D. included
37) When he was a student, his father gave him a monthly ____ towards his expense.
A.allowance     B. salary        C.alley       D.money
38) If you set up your goal and start your preparations as early as possible, you will achieve your ________ to become one of the most famous scientists in the future.
   A. intention      B. ambition    C. amusement                    D. desire
39) I was paid last week, but I can't remember the exact ________ of money.
   A. number    B. quality    C. amount      D. altitude
40) Having heard of the air accident, she ______ a plane again.
    A. was afraid of taking          B. was afraid to take
    C. dared take                  D. had not courage to take
41)The high building stands out _______ the sky.
 A. in         B. under          C. against        D. above
42) Jerry takes exercise every morning, _______ a weight loss of ten pounds.
A. adjusting to      B. relying on    C. setting foot in   D. aiming at
43) One of the qualities that most people _____ in others is the willingness to _____ one’s mistakes.                         
  A. admire; admit  B. apologize; acknowledge   C. hate; admit   D. against; make
44) --- Look! You have made the same mistake again!
--- Oh, not again! I am _______ making such a mistake.
  A. never       B. regularly        C. almost         D. always
45) These countries will join one another against terrorism, as was _____ at the international conference.
   A. agreed on    B. agreed with     C. agreed to    D. agreed
46) The girl is badly injured. You’d better _____first aid to her before taking her to hospital.
       A. make        B. do      C. take      D. afford
47) --- What does Canada export?  --- Large amounts of wheat ___________ sent abroad.
A. is                B. have                C. are             D. is being
48) Shandong lying ________ Hebei, Jiangsu, Shanxi, and Henan… is ________ the provinces with the largest population in China.
   A. among; among   B. between; among   C. between; between   D. among; between
49) The student is _____ 18 years old, but what he said is ______ nothing worth listening to.
   A. nearly; almost  B. nearly; nearly  C. between; among   D. among; between
50) He is bad-tempered, selfish, and ______ an unpleasant man.
   A. somehow     B. altogether       C. otherwise        D. anyway 

1)-10) CDCBC ABCDB   11)-20) DACCA DCDAA   21)-30) BCBDD CAABB  31)-40) DCDAB BABCB   41)-50) CDADA BCBAB 

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