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作者:英语组长徐爱华 来源:未知点击数: 发布时间:2014-03-24
1) Most of ______ geniuses are successful only because they have made extraordinary efforts.
  A. what do we call     B. what we call    C. we call it    D. we call what
2) It’s the present situation in poor areas that _____ much higher spending on education and training.(06北京)
A. answers for   B. provides for    C. calls for     D. comes for
3) She has the ability to keep _______ in an emergency.                                           
      A. quiet              B. calm        C. still               D. silent
4) ---Are you satisfied with her work, sir?   ---Not at all. It couldn't be any _______.
A. better        B. best        C. worse        D. worst
5) At the meeting, the master suggested the teachers receive further education to _______the latest development.
    A. keep in touch with  B. get in touch with   C. call in   D. catch up with
6) Catherine was determined, hard-working and intelligent; ______, I couldn't speak ______ highly of her.
     A. as a result; very    B. in a word; too   C. after all; much     D. anyhow; so
7) After the earthquake, the injured were cared ________ in the hospitals or taken by air to the hospitals in the neighboring cities. (07江西)
A. of         B. for      C. after         D. with
8) I think it's high time you made up your mind to choose a(n) ________.
    A. ambition    B. carrier     C. employment       D. career
9) ---It's a good idea. But who's going to _______ the plan?
    --I think Tom and Greg will. (2000北京春季)
A. set aside       B. carry out       C. carry away      D. get through
10) --- It's cloudy outside. Please take an umbrella.    --- __________. (06湖南)
    A. OK, just in case               B. Well, it just depends
C. Yes, take it easy               D. All fight, just in case of
11) I don’t think he is a good writer; he specially writes books to _____ to low tastes.
       A.stick     B.catch       C. refer      D.cater
12) _______ are kept on the farm for their meat or milk.
  A. 200 head cattle   B. 200 head of cattle  C. 200 head cattles  D. 200 heads of cattle
13) According to the recent research, heavy coffee drinking and heart attack are not necessarily    ____ and effect.(2002上海)
A.reason       B.caution     C.fact    D.cause
14) Jack has been admitted to Harvard University. His family will have a _______ tonight.
   A. anniversary    B. celebration    C. ceremony      D. congratuation 
15) Tian’anmen Square is situated in the ________ of Beijing city.
   A. center       B. central       C. head        D. middle 
16) Wait till you are more ________ . It's better to be sure than sorry. (1997)
A. inspired        B. satisfied       C. calm        D. certain
17) He never tidies up his desk, so it is a ______ of books and newspapers.
   A. confusion     B. disorder    C. chaos     D. desk
18) The new research team ______ charge of a _____ engineer will carry out the plan.
A. in; main       B. take ; major     C. in the ; chief      D. with the ; primary
19) Jim is one of the most popular ________ in my company.
   A. classmates      B. coaches       C. citizens      D. colleagues
20) The job is ___ to me because I’ve little experience . However, it is also ____.
   A. challenging ; rewarding        B. challenged; rewarded
C. challenging; rewarded         D. challenged; rewarding
21) If you live in the country or have ever visited there, ______ are that you have heard birds singing to welcome the new day.
A. situations         B. challenges      C. chances      D. possibilities
22) Through which ______ did you get the information?
  A. canal         B. channel          C. place       D. way
23) The twins look alike but they are different in _________.
A. characteristic     B. appearance    C. character                     D. nature
24) The weather here is too _______ and it can rain at any moment. Why not bring an umbrella?
    A. changeable    B. sunny      C. cloudy        D.  rainy
25) ---Your neighbors may _____you with playing your radio too loudly at night.
--- I know. They never say anything that ______ me especially.
A. accuse, appeals to  B. charge, appeal to  C. charge, appeals to  D. blame, appeals to
26) Schools ban students from bringing mobile phones, which are used to _______ in exams.
   A. click      B. clarify      C. charge       D. cheat
27) --- Julia said she sent you a birthday card yesterday. Have you got it?'
   --- Oh, really ! I haven' t _______my mailbox yet.(06天津)
  A. examined      B. charged      C. tested     D. checked
28) --- Hello, Will you please put me through with Room 302?
--- Hold on please .... Oh, the guest in Room 302 _______ two hours ago.
A. checked in       B. checked out    C. checked up   D. checked away
29) ---I’m thinking of the test tomorrow. I’m afraid I can’t pass this time.
   ---        ! I’m sure you’ll make it. (07天津)
A. Go ahead     B. Good luck      C. Cheers      D. Cheer up
30) President Bush admitted that no proof had been found that Iraq had _____ weapons.
   A. chemical    B. chemicals     C. chemist        D. chemistry 
31) Oh my gosh! The rice cake almost _______ me.
   A.blocked      B.choked       C.checked        D. chatted 
32) If I had been______ to be the group leader, I would have done much better than him.
   A. chosen     B. checked      C. charged        D. picked 
33) We always travel _________. The seats are more comfortable and the food is better.
   A. business class      B. first class      C. tourist class   D. economic class
34) I'm afraid you have no ________ but to come along with us.
   A. decision      B. interest      C. choice        D. selection
35) The current political _________ of our country is favorable for foreign investments.
    A. claim    B. colleague      C. climate       D. collision
36) This dictionary is very useful. It has ______ many problems about words and idioms for me.
     A. looked up    B. kept up     C. cleared off     D. cleared up
37) It was raining heavily. Little Mary felt cold, so she stood ______ to her mother. (2002北京)
     A. close      B. closely       C. closed        D. closing
38) Food and ________ are very important to us all.
     A. clothes     B. cloth       C. clothing     D. dress
39) It can’t be a(n) _______that four jewelry stores were robbed in one night. (02上海春季卷)
A . coincidence     B. accident       C. incident     D. chance
40) The teacher told the boy to _____ all the waste paper lying about after the picnic and burn it.
A. collect       B. ask       C. commit       D. confirm

 1)-10) BCBCD BBDBA  11)-20) DBDBA  DCCDA  21)-30) CBCAC DDBDA  31)-40) BABCC  DACAA 
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